Tips for preserving silver crafts

The pieces made of 925 silver, what we normally know as "sterling silver", are made up of 92.5% silver and the rest copper, which makes the metal malleable so that it can be worked with.
However, this can cause silver to oxidize over time, especially if we don't wear it or if our sweat is very acidic, causing it to have a dull black color.
In Plataica We apply different means on the surface of the finished metal to avoid this oxidation, but there is always the possibility that they will darken over time. To avoid this, we will always store our pieces inside the plastic that we send you, thus avoiding oxidation.
If they still get dark, take note, with this little trick you will get it to recover its original brightness.
You need:
  • -Toothbrush.
  • -Baking soda.
  • -Vinegar.
  • -Water.
  • -Dishwasher.
Mix a little water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a small bowl and clean the parts well with the toothbrush to remove any traces of grease.
Next, in another bowl, make a small mountain with the baking soda and pour a little vinegar on top. You will see that it begins to bubble.
Use that mixture with the toothbrush on the piece of blackened silver. You will see that while you rub the oxidation disappears .
Finally, clean the pieces again with the water and dishwashing mixture, let them dry or dry them with a hair dryer...
...and now you can enjoy them very bright again!!