About Plataica

A jewelry table with all the tools and supplies ordered.

Plataica is an artisan firm of creative silver jewelery that flees from the usual trends in the elaboration of accessories to create new paths and plastic possibilities.

From the execution of the formal processes that lead to the final pieces, to the very conceptual conception of each idea, Plataica's articles are conceived as if they were small sculptures.

The main raw material from which the firm is nourished is sterling silver or 925 silver , although sometimes it serves as a common thread to experiment with other materials and finishes.

Each of the pieces that make up the collections is made manually, completely by hand and without mass production equipment. Each piece is unique in Plataica.

Iván working on the splinter of the jeweler's table

Behind Plataica is a server, Iván Rodríguez , although you probably also know me as @TwittBoy on social networks.
During the last 10 years I have dedicated myself entirely to the creation of different web projects with greater or lesser success... but that's another story.

From a very young age I was interested in the world of art and construction, rather destruction , giving free rein to my imagination with practically anything that fell from my hands and could be disassembled and reassembled in any other way and satisfy any other strange (and empty) necessity.

Thanks to the support of my parents and my family in general, I finally studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of La Laguna (no, not that gigantic cool cement thing that there is now... in the previous one, the one that was cool 😜 ) .

I have always said that the only thing I consider myself an expert in is " small-format artistic foundry ", which is why, given the impossibility of setting up a bronze foundry workshop, I have opted for jewelery making.

The craftsmanship of silver allows me to express myself freely without the need for large infrastructures. It allows me to face daily challenges and creative experiments , it allows me to release the "type of workshop" that I have inside and that amuses me so much. But above all, it allows me to fulfill myself.

I hope you like what you find here, I carefully pamper each of the pieces, from design to shipping, I only hope you are as happy wearing them as I am making them.

Thank you very much for your visit!