Las joyas de Mikel Urmeneta y Plataica, San Fermín todo el año.

The jewels of Mikel Urmeneta and Plataica, San Fermín all year round.

About 7 years ago I received a direct message on my Twitter account. It was one of those that, when you look at the transmitter, you have to read it twice (or more) to really believe that that person is writing precisely to you...

When an artist you admire spends a few minutes with you, it's a real adrenaline rush. If, in addition, what he wants is to meet with you to have a few beers and talk about Social Networks, work and so on, well... imagine. If that great artist is also Mikel Urmeneta , you know that things can get very, very interesting and that it can lead to who knows what crazy project. Although with Mikel involved that "may" is unnecessary.

It was only the beginning. After a lot of laughter on the networks and many postponements due to our "ministers' agendas", over a couple of beers a nice project was forged...

Exactly, there was no longer... tetorno ? Well, there was no going back. Mikel's latest project at that time was Sanferfood , a store located on the legendary Estafeta street in Pamplona focused on food, but with a disruptive edge, full of original and innovative ideas. And I wanted Plataica to be part of the idea.

Logos of Sanferfood and PlataicaMikel Urmeneta and Iván Rodríguez

Then, time, the pandemic, and other issues made Sanferfood disappear a little earlier than Mikel and I would have liked.

(sigh, sigh)

So starting today we resume our collaboration. The pieces designed by Mikel Urmeneta will be AGAIN AVAILABLE starting now both on our website and in our Etsy store for international shipping:

Encierrillo Earrings by Mikel Urmeneta y Plataica Encierrillo choker by Mikel Urmeneta y Plataica

This is a beautiful set of choker and earrings (can be purchased separately), which represent a runner who is about to be overtaken by one of the bulls that participate in the mythical running of the bulls of San Fermín in Pamplona. With the more than recognizable Urmeneta design, they are pieces made entirely by hand in 925 silver and manufactured one by one, without using mechanical or automatic means, only artisanal means.

Encierrillo Choker by Mikel Urmeneta and Plataica Encierrillo Earrings by Mikel Urmeneta and Plataica

I am very excited to have these Mikel designs "at home" again, since in some way we close a circle and resume a collaboration that is more than special for me.

And finally, I can only thank Mikel immensely for the trust placed in me and for all the love and attention received by @angelaurmeneta , which is the best, the best.

You already know, if you want to have some beautiful Plataica pieces designed by the irreverent Mikel Urmeneta , they are just a couple of clicks away 😜.

Encierrillo Earrings by Mikel Urmeneta and Plataica Encierrillo Choker by Mikel Urmeneta and Plataica

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